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The Arabic English Subtitling and Transcription Services offered by Communication Legal Translation Est. (CLT), a standout translation services operating in UAE since 1996, actually enhance the prospects of your valuable media projects by firmly capturing their true essence and appropriately furnishing them for global viewership. Arabic English Subtitling and Transcription emerges as the single most powerful tool to reach out to a diversity of audiences all across the world and becomes a valuable business asset for commercial and non commercial organizations alike. In the current world of high speed communication, media, may that be of any sort, has become a universal phenomenon that creates massive collective awareness and draws immense public response. Physical boundaries have virtually been swept away by media in the wake of its global message and cause. The only barrier that exists in the comprehension of that global message is perhaps the language. The Arabic English Subtitling and Transcription Services by Communication Legal Translation Est. (CLT) have been instrumental in providing global access to our highly creative and progressive clients through online and offline subtitling and transcription conducted by amazingly proficient, qualified and experienced human translators who expertly localize your content. The subtitling and transcription experts at CLT acknowledge the fact that cultural context of a media project can never be ignored wherever human beings are involved in a foreign language scenario and this fact is clearly evident from our grammatically excellent, semantically eloquent and linguistically accurate Arabic English Subtitling and Transcription Services in Dubai, in UAE and all over the world at surprisingly affordable prices.

At Communication Legal Translation Est. (CLT), we aspire to serve our clients by ensuring maximum customer satisfaction and high quality standards. Our prime organizational objectives are our worthy clients that include prominent media enterprises, advertising and public relations agencies, news agencies, broadcasting firms, film makers and distributors, etc. CLT also facilitates its customers through masterly audio and video transcription and captioning services. Our digital audio transcription or non-digital/analog audio transcription including the recordings Business meetings, Conferences, Seminars, Interviews, Focus groups, Group Discussions, Radio shows, dictations, etc. Our digital transcription services include mp3, wav, dss, wma, mp4, au formats whereas the non-digital transcription services include vhs, magnetic tapes, micro cassettes, etc.

Communication Legal Translation Est. (CLT) enjoys a legendary repute with an impressive range of expertise expanding over 53 Services in more than 70 languages. (CLT) has set the benchmarks of leadership through its Translation Services in Dubai and Translation Services in UAE in areas such as online Media Translation, Legal Translation, Financial Translation, etc. translating, subtitling and transcribing all sorts of documents and media including Training and Education Materials/ Videos, Advertisement Campaign Videos and Movies, Business Plans and Presentations, Legal Documents, etc. Our smooth and effective online services and workflow management system manifested in our speedy communication and delivery has been pivotal in our massive success.


Our consistently reliable system of online translation, subtitling and transcription services is extremely user friendly, easily accessible and efficient. Our Arabic English Subtitling and Transcription Services rely on the knowledge and experience that subtitling and transcription not only consist of transforming the textual context, but also promoting and representing our customers in the media/video and within restricted time and space. The experts at CLT have the capability to synchronize the subtitles with the audio and video with perfection thereby making it easy to read and understand within the limited time available.


Interview Transcription Services at Communication Legal Translation Est. (CLT) include accurate, reliable and timely interview transcriptions for corporate organizations, universities, law offices, media establishments and research orientated businesses in a number of different styles with a wide range of specialties. Accurate Interview Transcription Services such as those offered by Communication Legal Translation Est. (CLT) take patience, experience and training and our specialist interview transcriptionists have just the right skills manage accurate, easy to read and semantically correct transcription projects returned to you within the timeframe decided. Interview Transcription Services at Communication Legal Translation Est. (CLT) provide our eminent clients with a priceless resource for learning, knowledge, development and training that can also formulate the knowledge base for your advertisement campaigns, articles, blogs, web pages, corporate practices, audio or video programs, etc. saving you the trouble of taking handwritten notes. Our experts can transcribe qualitative research interviews, verbatim interviews, intelligent verbatim interviews, edited interviews, medical interviews, television and radio interviews, journalistic interviews, legal or court interviews recruitment interviews and therapy session interviews. Communication Legal Translation Est. (CLT) has earned unparalleled repute for pioneering Translation Services in UAE and has led the rest of the lot in Translation services in Dubai. Arabic English transcriptions being our expertise, our Interview Transcription Services serve as a tool for reaching out to audiences in more than 70 languages at surprisingly affordable rates for getting your projects quickly, accurately, and expertly transcribed for news broadcasts, newspaper articles, etc. With more than 20 years of experience under our belts, we are the best solution for all your interview transcription needs.


Legal Transcription is the highly technical process of converting audio or dictation recordings related to legal cases or law suits into black and white. It becomes essential for judges, lawyers and legal professionals that all the proceedings of a court of law, civil or criminal, be converted into printed documentation for the sake of hard copy record. Legal Transcription Services provided by Communication Legal Translation Est. (CLT) involve the transformation of information recorded or orally dictated in legal proceedings or law offices into printed text. In our Legal Transcription Services, Communication Legal Translation Est. (CLT) remains professionally conscious that this kind of transcription demands an expert knowledge of the terminology used in legal proceeding and a first hand awareness of existing and new laws. Communication Legal Translation Est. (CLT), a leading translation and transcription agency in Dubai and UAE for more than 20 years, is locally and internationally renowned for its exceptional expertise and experience in Legal Transcription Services. We take pride in maintaining a highly qualified, experienced and skilled team of well-trained and certified legal transcriptionists who are conversant with all types of laws, legal terminologies, different court proceedings and the formats required for legal documentation. They are highly adept at transcribing all sorts of legal material including court recordings, interviews, statements, documentary evidence, dictations of legal professionals, handwritten communications, notes, drafts and all pertinent legal documents for our Legal Transcription Services.

Communication Legal Translation Est. (CLT) has laid down the foundation stone of Translation Services in UAE and Translation services in Dubai in more than 70 languages. We have earned a great repute for our certified translation services which are duly endorsed by government and private offices in the region. We provide highly accurate and professionally immaculate Legal Transcription Services to an eminent clientele that includes corporate legal departments, law firms, financial institutions, government agencies, legal professionals, etc. at easily affordable prices. The impressive panel of Legal Transcription Services offered by Communication Legal Translation Est. (CLT) includes court transcriptions, insurance documents transcription services, audio and video transcriptions, corporate and business transcriptions, real estate and property transcription services, conference transcriptions, etc. Our rapid turnaround time and user friendly system highlights the crux of our policy that we honour and facilitate our clients as key strategic partners.

Communication Legal Translation Est. (CLT) realizes that the major concerns of our Legal Transcription Services clients are the security and confidentiality of their projects. Our legal transcription employees are system bound for reliability and confidentiality and ensure the secure online/direct retrieval of all transcription projects. Furthermore, we have an integrated and coordinated system of Language Translation Service and Transcription Service capable of providing excellent multilingual transcription services for additional advantages of our clients. We have designed and equipped ourselves to facilitate you in all your transcription requirements in the most efficient and professional manner as per your convenience and availability anywhere in Dubai or UAE. All these facts provide us the decisive competitive edge that makes us your ultimate transcription destination.


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